An Examination Committee is formed at the beginning of the academic year to ensure effective implementation of the examination process. This committee plans and coordinates all the activities related to the examinations conducted in the college. The Committee discusses and finalizes the suitable dates for the conduct of the examinations. The Committee also notifies the dates to the faculty members and asks them to submit question papers within a specified date. Room invigilation and other examination related duties are assigned to faculty members by the Coordinator of the committee. The answer books are handed over to concerned faculty for evaluation; the answer scripts are evaluated within ten days of the tests and are distributed to students for their verification. In cases of poor performance, the concerned students are shown the mistakes they have committed and remedial measures are suggested by the concerned department staff members. Extra tests are conducted for those who want to improve their performance and for those who are absent for the tests on valid grounds. Finally the supervision of online entry of Internal marks in the university website. The committee also redresses grievances related to examinations. The whole process is managed and monitored by the Academic and Examination committee.

Composition of the Committee 2018-19

  1. Dr.Swamy.M - Principal
  2. Prof. Laxminarayana N.H - Coordinator
  3. Prof. Devadasa.K - Member
  4. Prof. Vidyadhara M.V - Member
  5. Smt. Rekha H.S - Member
  6. Dr. Kumaraswamy Udupa - Member
  7. Sri. Sachin K.N - Member
  8. Sri. Guruprasad - Member